How X-Print Increased Profits By 600% In A Year With Sellbery

«X-Print» — print-on-demand T-shirts with a unique design


Textile & Design


Ehrenfeld, Cologne, Germany

X-Print is a start-up company that prints on-demand uniquely designed T-Shirts and sell them. X-Print is an IT platform what allows the designers freely to create new prints while customers are free to choose and order freshly made products.

At some point, the founder, Nino Boender, realised that X-Print is not reaching its audience and the start-up was about to fail.


X-Print’s business model involves an IT platform for crowd designing, own printing house and delivery service. In the very beginning, the only source for e-commerce traffic was the company website. To diversify its sales channels and scale a marketplace for its specific niche, X-Print started using to execute a multichannel approach to fully reach their customers.

However with tons of information at Amazon platform X-Print team was not able to monitor and update the product line and properly serve orders.

As founder of X-Print Nino Boender said, a customer defection rate started increasing and X-Print was facing financial difficulties.

«When we did the calculations, it became clear that X-Print was suffering huge losses, as the potential of the business remained to be unrealized», Nino said.


Solution how to cope with a total sales mess for X-Print came when one of the X-Print developers suggested using Sellbery.

Sellbery connected own X-Print (Magento) platform with Amazon marketplace and gave an X-Print team a tool to control all products again. Sellbery synchronised all orders and shipments statuses, so that the team could monitor sales and creative products delivery in real time.


Once Sellbery came to play, X-Print received its renewed marketplace with a full control panel at one single storage. From that moment, X-Print was able to respond to customer demand within several minutes and deliver product once it has been offered.

«We are happy that all our sales channels are at one’s fingertips», said the founder of X-Print Nino Boender.

As he continued, X-Print now sell the products in as many different channels as possible while maintaining quality, customer service and profitability.

In a year of using Sellbery solution, X-Print raised up sales volume to 30000 uniquely designed apparel per day and increased profit by 600%. Having this step forward done, X-Print can now focus on further growth and building brand loyalty on international markets.

All channels — One system

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